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Insurance service


Sending a parcel with complete peace of mind is priceless.


Insurance is an aditional service to shipping, which can insure the shipment when the shipment is lost or packages, their content is DAMAGED.

Insure the shipment is useful to ensure the value of the goods that you ship.

To use the service adizzionale paid, you must have a bill of sale or similar finds that the value of the same goods shipped.

The most important thing to watch out is to sign at the time of delivery with "signature subject to specific control".

Without it will be more diffficile, obtain compensation for shipping relished.

VANexpress is willing to put the customer in touch with the carrier of the event and manage on the practice gives the cost of 25,00 €


The tranquility of the expedition only 7 eruo more on the same for a maximum of 450,00 EUR VAT included




Shipments stopped filing


The deposit is still the delivery service directly to the branch of courier destiny.


Thanks to service customers who prefer to collect directly addressed their shipments directly from the courier; they can do it.

The catch deposit may be the solution to work commitments and personal overlap and allow you to have the spedizone when you diponibili.

The sender must notify the recipient's phone number, so that you can inform him promptly as the cargo.
If the sender of the shipment also provided the mobile phone number or e-mail, the recipient will receive a communication setting will be informed of the availability of the goods for collection at the branch and on which they are listed address, schedules and contacts Our offices, as well as the amount of any cash to pay.

To book this service is enough to ask for it in the "notes" of the shipping quote.


VANexpress warrants this shipping service, cost "zero"; Free.




Cash on delivery


The service label allows to charge the shipment to the recipient or to charge the same cost of the sale of goods shipped.


By using the service mark, customers will cash the fixed amount of goods or shipment, reducing the richio not recessed.

The courier will collect the cash upon delivery of spedizone.

VANexpress agrees to clean up due to the customer within 4/5 working days from delivery

The payment methods are customized to specific customer requirements.

The customer must specify clearly the amount to be collected and the payment methods (cash or check made payable to the sender) at compile time budget.

In the Transport Document for the courier and hand-delivered to the driver in charge of the withdrawal will INSERTA the figure and mode.


In this way it becomes easy to ship and safely.




Shipping with delivery by appointment


It 'a service that allows you to deliver the shipment on the day and time agreed with the customer.


The subsidiary that will handle the delivery will contact the recipient to arrange parcel delivery within 24 hours upon arrival (available only with BRT)

To book this service is enough to ask for it in the "notes" of the shipping quote.

Delivery appointment expected to be agreed by telephone with the receiver (which is necessary telephone contact; private or fixed) a date for delivery of the shipment: no later than 5 working days DISTRIBUTORS arrival of the package through the agency serving .

To book this service is enough to ask for it in the "notes" of the shipping quote to give us the opportunity to verifacare service availability.


The tranquility of the delivery just 4.89 € VAT included more about shipping





Proof of delivery


Proof of delivery allows you to have a try with the signature of acceptance of the recipient or recipient of the shipment.


This service , according to our internal investigation has been very usefull for customers who had to use the services of spedizone to close a sale or even return a product .

The service is affordable to only 0.99 cents more about shipping


Try delivery is a necessary thing





Damage Management Practices


VANexpress it makes available to its customers in the event that the shipment arrive damaged (see insurance).


Because not essedno the courier material which manages the same shipment but one that provides a price and service

for shipping VANexpress decided to provide a service management practice directly with the carrier of the case to allow

easier (where possible) resolution of the damage, compensation.


The service fee is 25 euro including VAT be requested within 8 days (including non-working) after receiving the goods.



H Delivery: 12


The service spedione and delivery by 12 noon on the day after the withdrawal of the package is now promoting the link:




The service can be purchased by inserting in the "notes" of the quote request.

The cost of service delivery eter 12 hours is 6.10 including VAT




Delivery h10


The service delivery of the shipment within 10 hours of the day after the withdrawal of the package.


The service can be purchased by inserting in the "notes" of the quote request.

The cost of service delivery eter 12 hours is 9.90 € VAT included




Packaging and shipping at our headquarters in Bologna


Offices VANexpress you can find everything you need to pack ; cardboard , pallets , bubble wrap in various sizes and features , secure box etc.


We advise all of our customers located in the city of Bologna, where there are possibilities of our offices

directly and simply to bring the goods to be shipped in the office ; we will pack it in and put it safely

for shipping.

The cost of ' packaging ranges from a minimum of 1 eruo spending 10 ( pallet ) EUR spending , all taxes included


* Informing the companies the opportunity to have packaging wholesaler Affordable ( info@vanexpress.it )