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VanExpress | Spedizioni economiche online

An answer to each question

1. Why sen through you and not directly through the courier?


Because by the private Vanexpress also it has the option to purchase the service delivery at the best price online directly from home or on the road semplicemte indicating where to pick up the goods . Besides the price cheaper, Vanexpress offers assistance to its customers and delivery management to intervene where possible , promptly .


2. Is it true that with you the cost of shipping is less?


Yes, we have made contracts and agreements with various carriers which allow us to take advantage of the lowest rates compared to those that are applied to the individual companies and / or private; but this is not all: thanks to us, you don't have to make long research in order to find the lowest price for your shipment, obtaining with us a considerable saving of time.


3. What is the diference between the econimic service and the express one?


The economy service has the traceability of each parcel, home collection and delivery within 96 hours of collection, customer service via e-mail, for domestic shipments it is not possible to send more than one package

The express service has the traceability of each parcel, home collection and delivery within 24/48 hours, personalized telephone customer service, insurance included* with the maximum refund of € 5.00 per each shipped kilo.

AT.! economic service may have a restriction on the weight , dimensions and quantity of parcels to be shipped .


4. Shipements are traceable?


Yes, all shipments are traceable.


5. You can ship a package internationally or nationally in just 24 hours?

Of course , our services offer the ability to deliver parcels in 24 hours.


6. What are the delivery times for packages and envelopes ?


The delivery time is decided by you , given all the possibilities of shipments that we can offer , ask our customer assintenza the expected delivery time . And if you do not know what to choose , do not worry ... We'll deal .


7. If the recipient of shipment was away? 


In the case where the recipient of the shipment was absent the courier will leave a notice on the first pass and to make a second pass the next day. In the absence of the recipient even at the second pass, the goods will be put in storage.


8. My clients have to send me unsold goods, how cani do?


Many of our clients, in particular the fashion industry, make deliveries from their warehouse to the various shops that are located throughout Italy, the same shops can make shipments of the goods that are unsold, both to the head office or to the warehouse. Also it can happen that the same shops may need to exchange goods, in this case, they can do so by always taking advantage of prices dedicated to headquarters. 


9. At what time the courier collects or deliver the goods? 


Usually, deliveries are made in the morning and they collect the goods in the afternoon from 14 to 18 .. For any special requests, our staff will communicate the feasibility depending on the organizational needs of the courier.



10. Do I have to send many bulky parcels , or even move ; how can I do ?


For those who must ship goods / bulky parcels **, we recommend to secure them on a platform / pallet, if you cannot provide it we can furnish it.
If you send very bulky parcels * as sofas, tables, chairs, very heavy boxes, etc.., they should be put on a platform / wooden pallet, secured with boxes and bubble wrap, then anchored with straps (easily available in DIY stores), so that it will not moving with the transport.
** You can request further information by contacting our staff at 051.0566499


11. How does the "cash on delivery" shipment works?


The cash on delivery is a simple and convenient method of shipping, as the recipient pays the amount at delivery if you require. This may include the cost of the goods, the cost of the goods plus shipping or just the cost of shipping.
The refund of the "cash on delivery" will be through bank transfer, or PayPal or Postepay after about 3 working days after delivery.


12. Shipments outside the UE

Shipments outside the European Union may be subject to taxes and customs duties. These costs are outside our control an  are collected by the customs on import outside the country. VAnexpress is not required to pay these charges, which are believed to be borne by the customer.


13. How does insurance works?


* Insurance is an additional service to shipping, for the request just enter the amount you want to ensure at the time of quotation.
The insurance bill for it is so-called "all risk", it means that the protection is for any case that can happen to the goods entrusted to the carrier. Are excluded from the coverage provided by the policy and so we do not accept the following objects such as: precious metals, collectibles or antiques, documents, paper money, securities, household goods, stamps. The refund is exclusive of VAT.


* In order to take advantage of the insurance refund, the recipient upon delivery must somehow note if the package that the driver is delivering is damaged and sign: damaged packaging subject to control and describe the damage..... (otherwise you cannot request a refund), after that you must present the bill of the object or the bill of the repairing the damage (receipt, invoice, etc.)


14. Can I cancel the shipment?


If the shipment has not been withdrawn, it may be canceled, if it is in transit we can ask for a hold for pickup and return the goods to the sender in this case we will have to pay the return shipping. If the shipment is over we can not intervene.
For shipments handled and where it was already organizato and managed the collection and sending of the consignment will be retained 10% of the amount paid, with a ceiling of € 15



15. Payment methods


You can choose from different payment methods:

Bank transfer

Richarge PostePay

PayPal (***)


End of the month invoice


***For payments with PayPal there is a small percentage to be added to the final amount. 


Per tutte le spedizioni richieste tramite il nostro sito, telefono, e-mail o personalmente nei nostri locali, se intendono accetate le condizioni sotto riportate.

With the expectation of your shipment , you accept our terms and conditions available on our waybills , consignment notes and / or in the transport contract and / or contract for the completion of different services , on your behalf and / or on behalf of any other person having an interest in the shipment or for the completion of different services , regardless of whether or not you have signed our transport document , our waybill or consignment note . Our terms and conditions relate to - and can be invoked by - of those whose help we employ or to whom we entrust the service to collect , transport, deliver your shipment or for the completion of different services ; They refer also to our employees , directors and agents .


2) Regulation of Aviation Security
a) You must therefore ensure and guarantee completing our consignment note, consignment note or entrusting the expedition that this does not contain a prohibited article as specified in ICAO Annex 17 or other national or international regulations that govern aviation security. You have the obligation to provide a full description of the contents of the shipment on the waybill or consignment note, or other accompanying document, and your responsibilities and commitments are not providing this information. Shipments carried by us or managed by us, may be subject to security controls, including the use of X-ray systems and you accept that your shipment may be opened and the contents of the same controlled while on the go. Authorized, therefore, the carriers perform any security checks will be necessary on all the goods that will be transported by air.
b) Guaranteed right to arrange the shipment for carriage, or for the performance of other services, in secure premises using reliable staff employed by you and that the shipment has been safeguarded against unauthorized or unlawful interference during the preparation, storage of and transportation until the time immediately before the acceptance of the goods for transport by us or for the performance of different services.


3) Prohibited items are not accepted for transport without prior authorization.


a) You warrant that all statements and information you provide in relation to export and import of goods is true and accurate. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim that may be derived from the forwarded information you provide and any outlay in which we incur in connection therewith, as well as any amount paid administrative that we could charge you for the completion of the services provided in this article.
b) Any customs duties, taxes (including but not limited to VAT if applicable), penalties, storage charges or other expenses in which we incur as a result of the actions of customs or other governmental authorities or due to your failure and / or the recipient to provide appropriate documentation and / or in obtaining the required license or permit will be charged to you or the recipient. If we decide to make such a charge to the recipient and the latter refused the payment of the amount you agree to pay that sum together with what we had for the administration involved, as well as any extra cost which incur. Upon our request, you are obliged to provide appropriate security for each of the duties, taxes, penalties, amounts of stock or any other expenses mentioned in this article.
c) Domestic Shipping by air or road - If we carry your shipment is made by land or by air nationally, our liability for loss or damage to the products during transport, will be governed by Article. 1696 cc as amended by Legislative Decree 21.11.2005 n. 286, and therefore limited to 1 (one Euro) per kilogram of goods lost or damaged, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, as well as, for the part not covered therein, the regulations of the code. civ. on the contract of carriage;


a) We will not be responsible for any loss of goodwill, revenue, profit, market, reputation, customer, use, opportunity, even if we had knowledge that such damages may arise, however, nor for any damage loss or indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages determined, including, without limitation, cases of termination of contract, negligence, willful act or default.
b) We are not responsible if we do not fulfill its obligations to you therefore to: 1) Missed withdrawals and / or deliveries by courier, in the days and hours agreed 2) circumstances beyond our control such as (with a list that has purely illustrative and not exhaustive): natural disasters including earthquakes, cyclones, storms, flooding, fire, disease, fog, snow or frost; events of force majeure including (with a list that is merely illustrative and not exhaustive) war, accidents, acts of terrorism, strikes, embargoes, perils in the airspace, local disputes or popular uprisings; national or local disruptions in transportation networks by air or by land, and mechanical problems to modes of transport or machinery; latent defects or inherent in the contents of the shipment; criminal acts of third parties such as theft or omissions by you or any third party of the work of which you will answer (or any other claim of the claimant an interest in the shipment and that determines your non-performance) of the obligations assumed by you on the basis of These terms and conditions and in particular the guarantees provided to art. 11; an act or an omission attributable to customs, airlines, airports or public official.
c) contents of the shipment consisting of items which are goods prohibited by law or this contract, even if we had accepted the transport error. The only liability attributable to us in relation to the services provided, will be those governed by these general conditions of carriage.
d) Lack of withdrawal in date


a) Notwithstanding the limit of refundability in points 5 and 6, it is possible, on your part, to obtain insurance cover for part shipments and destinations. The value of the insurance premium will be equal to the requirements of the applicable rates of VANexpress upon shipment or on the basis of existing agreements. You can request the adjustment desired by explicit written authorization given to our Company. If the request for insurance coverage comes from this recipient must be specifically requested by the sender at the time of custody of the goods. Shipments free packing slip must display the detail of the content. The insurance coverage must be specifically requested in writing at the time of custody of the shipment, putting packing slip (DDT) or on the declaration of exemption statement to ensure by the carrier for Euro ..... For shipping free delivery note (DDT) you must also indicate the detailed and analytical content (model, brand, etc.).
b) The insurable value is the price of the sales invoice or, failing that, by the market value of the items insured at the place and time of delivery. For price sales invoice is the value of goods, net of VAT, costs of routes and packaging, gross of any discounts granted to the customer for any reason. The insurance is valid for shipments to export and import provided turnovers in Italy. To limit as much as possible the inconveniences resulting from the left, VANexpress will liquidarvi directly, guaranteeing maximum rapidity. Reimbursement shall only take place upon presentation of the documentation certifying the value of the goods (sales invoice or, failing that, the price list, invoice; repair bill, etc.). Any suit for damages will be paid net of the deductible. Requests for opening practice for refund requests due to damage or lack partial / total must be received within 7 days from the date of delivery.


Agree to us not to allow any other person having an interest in the shipment to advance a claim or bring an action against us in relation to transport , even if we were negligent or at fault and if a complaint or an action is filed , you will indemnify the consequences of the claim or action and the costs and expenses that we will face to protect ourselves .


a) Unless otherwise agreed in writing as an exception, it agrees to pay us the freight rates for the carriage of the shipment between the locations specified on the consignment, consignment note / contract of carriage, or for the execution of different services, and any value-added tax within the agreed payment terms.
b) We enjoy a general right of retention on all your shipments in our possession at all times, which gives us the right to sell the content and keep the proceeds from the sale to offset any amount that may be payable by you prior to shipment transported or delivered.
c) You agree to pay the amount of the performance VANexpress governed by these conditions within the agreed deadlines. Delayed payments may result in the application of default interest pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/02 and subsequent amendments. By subscribing to this offer you agree from now, in case of insolvency total or partial payment of invoices by freight under this Agreement, not dependent on force majeure events and except as required by law, that VANexpress suspend the service to rate facilitated until the termination of insolvency same. During any period of suspension the VANexpress may accept from you, exclusively, any shipments carriage paid with payment at the full rate. It also suspended the execution of transport services by VANexpress pursuant to art. 72 VI co. the L.F. in case of failure of the contractor or subject to other examinations required by law.

d) In the operations of collection of any marks entrusted to VANexpress, if these are paid by checks or bank drafts, both made out to you both VANexpress, it does not assume any obligation to verify the authenticity of the signature, or the amount of header 'check issued or will be required to check the correspondence to the issuer or to check that it was signed by someone with the power to sign. You agree to indemnify same VANexpress from any consequences and all direct and indirect damages that may result from any of the same problem arises in relation to the collection of checks themselves.
e) In case of theft or robbery of goods and / or the amounts received in cash to be returned to the User, the responsibility of VANexpress is limited to the mere supply of a copy of the complaint to the user and the recipient for the completion of operations and expenses related to the cancellation of a license. The User indemnifies and VANexpress deemed harmless from all losses, expenses and any claims made against VANexpress by the recipient or any third party, if the goods are not delivered due to the refusal of the recipient to make payment of the sum in the appropriate form or to accept the goods.
f) You agree to indemnify same VANexpress from further problems that may arise in respect of any other aspect of failure to complete due to the issuer of the check, without prejudice to the above controls. VANexpress also authorized to retain the sums received by it by way of the mark in relation to shipments made from time to time, in partial compensation and / or the total amounts arising from invoices issued from time to time to transport paid on your behalf; this clause will operate only if you risultaste, for any reason, insolvent (meaning the insolvency occurred in the case of non-payment within 10 days following the closing date scheduled for the same bill) in respect of invoices issued by the deadlines agreed in the contract VANexpress . Deductions from VANexpress will take account of any objections already open on past invoices and will therefore be made net of the same, pending the resolution of any dispute pending.