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For the shipment of insured packages you must be aware of some rules and important procedures to follow which are usually not communicated in advance; In fact, no one informs or is inserted in small letters within the terms and conditions.

When you receive parcels, they must be checked externally, if the courier is in a hurry, wait.

All reimbursements by couriers are excluded from VAT. The documentation requested by the courier itself requires invoice / price list and / or tax receipt of the payment / sale of goods; So as to ascertain / specify the actual, proven value of the commodity itself. (Civil Judgments n.553 / n.20756 / n.1683 and ss c.c.) (Transport of Things - Civil Code art. 1683/1702 - Fifth Book of Obligations - Eighth Cape of Transport).

(Ie commercial transactions of payment by paypal do not constitute for the courier a certainty equal to the invoice for proven value)

Refund may not be equal to the value required in the insurance against the value (including wear) of the goods.

If you need to find fragile merchandise, even if outside the package looks intact, your signature on the collar should be a "specific control reserve" (Art. 696 C.c);

Your signature in the coffin is very important for a variety of reasons, especially if:


First, it must be reported when the goods are received with your signature, damaged packaging check reserve and describe the damage, if this step is not executed, the practice can not be opened.
After that the insurance will ask for the relevant documents, DDT signed by the driver, invoice or receipt of the insured goods, if you do not have a tax document attesting the real value of the insured goods, it will easily refund the total insured value. (Nb)
If shipment of parcels is not insured, couriers are liable for damages in the amount of € 1 per kg. As damaged by Lex's Fifth Book Transport Booklet C.C)
Parcel insurance also covers any damage, in case the goods are repaired, it is enough to submit the same repair bill containing the tax estimate.


Some advices


Making a parcel of the parcels before and after the shipping document has been pasted to the parcel, this can facilitate the resolution of the refunds in addition to proving to the recipient that the parcel when delivered to the courier during the withdrawal was in very good condition.


All parcels insured, with any courier or postal service being executed, the procedure is the same.
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