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VANexpress and clothing ;

Today more and more the reality traded , selling clothes , new or used , through social networks , online stores , WhatsApp , and message boards .

The clothes that are no longer used clothing that fill the unused closet.


small clothes , or too big , heads for sale tramaite favor of new e- commerce , to or from individuals or companies .



 Send clothing , from single item to large quantities , it can happen every day for the most varied situations and motivations ;


when you decide to move house , change house, city or even country .



just when you go on a journey and suitcase permitted by airline as hand luggage is too small for all our needs



when you want to send a gift ,

when you have a company or a brad and looking for a reliable partner for their shipments ,

when you want to sell used things on message boards etc.

The possibility that we find ourselves having to ship a package with clothing inside ; They are , therefore , the most varied .


It is important from an economic shipping service fast and assisted .

VANexpress thought to facilitate all these situations and others by offering the economical shipping service 6,98 € VAT included ( * Shipments in Italy )


consisting of:


Shipping Withdrawal + economic + Support + Tracking + Consulting + Easy Terms + Problem Solving