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What to do?


There's no need to register, make the quotation by entering weight and size of the package, from where it depart and where it must be delivered, then fill the form with all the data, in the next page you can pay directly with PayPal, if you want to use another method of paying like wire transfer or postpaid, click on alternative methods of payment and we will send you an e-mail with coordinates, once we get confirmation of payment (through PayPal and Post-pay is immediate, in the case of bank transfer we just need to have the copy of the bank that the payment has been carried out, usually banks send it by e-mail), we will proceed with the request for pick up, it will be directly the courier to collect the package at your home, which usually occurs during the day or the next day (our staff will communicate the right date), for shipments more efficient, expeditious and economical, we cannot determine the exact time of pickup and delivery.


It's better if...


Before sending a package, insert inside the box an extra copy of the consignment note or address of the sender and the recipient and their phone numbers or fax. This can help in the event that the external label comes off during the trip. We are open for questions from Monday through Friday, until 17:00.


Shipping in Italy


 Pack in a box the goods to be shipped, remove any previous shipping labels, close with ribbon. The courier picks up the parcel in the address indicated (home, work, etc..), The document of transport already filled up by VANexpress, will be sent by e-mail, must be printed out and attached a copy to the package another copy to be given to the driver and the last copy must be signed by the driver (in total 3 copies). It will be the VANexpress to track my shipment and resolve any difficulty. If the shipment had to be paid at delivery, the money will be validated in just 3 working days after delivery.


International shipping

Shipments that are made in the European Union do not need any special documents. For all other, we will fill out all the documents that customs needs, in order to export the goods shipped.